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Environment and HSE Policy

Operating in sinbo the field of small house appliances manufacturing, sales, marketing, after sales services, SİNBO, with the goal of manufacturing the quality products that does not compromise the employee health, safely and securely, with a minimum impact to the environment and minimizing pollution, keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level are accepted as the core corporate principles..

In align with the production potential, by utilizing the most optimized materials and technologies for environment and leaving behind an environment to our youth that will provide a better life quality by preserving the environment and preventing pollution in every project is an integral part of our corporate quality, environment and HSE policies.

The main ideology of our policy is to provide all the build and resources for system management, ensuring involvement of our employees from every level, by taking constant improvement as a motto, determining goals that will allow this improvement, becoming a leading brand by providing reliable products that will fully satisfy the customers needs and expectations.

In align with this policy, sinbo determined the general corporate goals below:

  1. Complying laws, regulations and other terms
  2. Zero accidents
  3. Training, raising awareness and involvement
  4. Health and preventing injuries
  5. Protective hardware, machinery and equipment utilization
  6. Preventing dangers and accidents
  7. Preserving natural resources
  8. Keeping waste under control
  9. Preventing pollution

We guarantee, as having the maximum quality and adequate economy, to realize and strive forward in align with customer satisfaction.

 Aims to be preferred by designing useful, efficient and cost effective products.

In align with these principles, sinbo is liable to adopt and take required precautions for all operations in align with Quality, Environment and HSE regulations as a whole and systematically.